Air Freight

Air Freight

We understand as a customer your priority is receiving your package as quickly and safely as possible, airfreight is thesolution for you. Our highly experience staff prioritize the same needs as the customer giving you the best hassle freeexperience you will possibly find. Our team will make sure everything is handled for you so you don't have to worry,including all documentation and paperwork required before and after the flight.

Having an extensive global network of agents means we are able to sought out the best rates for you so not only will it arrive quickly but you can guarantee that we will provide it at the lowest cost we can possibly get you. AR Overseas for your business is a no brainer!

Services provided:

  • Airfreight Forwarding
  • Express Delivery
  • Chartering(complete and partial)
  • Hazardous And Perishable Product Handling
  • Warehousing Needs
  • Door to Door Delivery
  • Insurance Coverage Arrangement
  • Just In Time Delivery
  • Custom Clearance
  • Packaging

Sea Freight

Not only are we well connected in the air but are also masters/captains of the ocean. AR Overseas has a wellconnected chain of carriers and co-loaders in it's global network that provide the most competitive rates for all your shipping needs. No shipment is too big of Haiko!

Services Provided:

  • Full Container Load (FCL)
  • Less then Container Load (LCL)
  • Break Bulk

Supporting Services:

  • Packing for export
  • Collection & Delivery services
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Export and Import Customs Clearance
  • Storage & Distribution
  • IATA DGR Staff

Sea Freight


Contract Logistics

AR Overseas is a logical partner for outsourcing logistics and management of complex supply chain projects. Our services cover all the aspects of logistics planning, control and supply chain execution from point of origin to point of consumption.

Our contract logistics services offer clients a complete one-stop solution. Order management, shipment management, customs management, warehouse and inventory management, sales order management and reverse logistics all supported by advanced web visibility are the core competencies that we present to our clients in the form of Contract Logistics.

Outsourcing logistics requirements enables our clients to concentrate on their core competencies. As a lead logistics services provider, AR Overseas offers cost control, visibility and responsiveness so that you see substantial reductions in time spent on your administrative, operational and inventory activities, turning your logistics operations into a competitive advantage.

Custom Clearance

Custom clearance is one of the last but most important steps of any logistic move. Unlike many countries India's customclearance system is much more complicated and long winded requiring many documentation to be completed and submitted. Good thing at Haiko we have a dedicated team in each one of our branches who are CHA trained and certified to carry out the procedures for you so you don't have to go out and find an independent company to complete this task for you.

Advantages of Haiko Customs

  • Up-to-date information of Customs Rules, Procedures & Policy-Updates.
  • Fast efficient team of experienced individuals.
  • System driven customs procedure for quick processing.
  • Worldwide Customs Handling.
  • Experienced DG Staff for more delicate shipments.




AR Overseas offers dedicated, shared and bonded warehousing solutions that are an integral part of our clientssupply chain. These accommodate clients customized requirements in terms of not only the location but also its functional layout for maximum productivity and scalability.

Across the company’s network of dedicated and multi-client distribution centers, standardized warehouse systems and processes ensure that customers get the highest levels of operational efficiency.


AR Overseas provides customized inspection and packaging services, ensuring that our client’s goods are safe from pilfer and damage and ready for shipping. We offer a wide range of assembly and final configuration programs, along with the capabilities to manage these activities.

  • Incoming quality inspection and verification.
  • Bar coding, packing and repackaging.
  • Separating items, re-boxing and re-routing.
  • Light assembly, final configuration, packaging and kitting.
  • Configure-to-order, postponement of localized packing and accessories.
  • Promotional packaging.



Transport & Distribution

In a complex and difficult geographic terrain like India, distribution and transportation management plays a crucial role in timely delivery of your products. At AR Overseas we oversee and manage the entire distribution process to the most complex locations. We offer improved service quality giving our clients tighter control over delivery schedules by using an extensive network of transportation services.

AR Overseas use best industry practices, which includes bar coding facilities and an integrated returns management system. Our advanced web-based systems ensure connectivity and availability of information regarding distribution.

Our services include cargo consolidation, distribution to remote and hinterland areas and monitoring of cargo at various load points. In addition, AR Overseas also assigns different modes of transport or specialized carriers for odd dimensional cargo. AR Overseas provides a variety of transportation management options for our clients, as we analyze all the carrier options, find the right price/performance combination, and execute shipments.

Project & Heavy Lifting

AR Overseas provides varied project logistics solutions. Heavy haulage solutions include project planning and implementation. Specialized equipment capable of hauling extremely heavy loads available with us provides an end-toend solution to clients.

Our Logistics Engineering teams support other projects such as project imports and exports and turn-key projects.