With increasing competition, it comes down to that ONE thing that gives you an edge over your competitors. It is important to keep a global outlook while planning a future for your business In a market where CONSUMER is king, MARGINS are the Emperor for the survival of any business. Products sourced internationally from markets where the cost of making them is lower can give any business a huge advantage towards pricing and profitability


Modern and in French
country styles – in Wood, Iron.
Carving Styles, Industrial, Contemporary, and More

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An exclusive range of
Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, Chandeliers, Shades.

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Handicrafts & Gifts

In Metal, Wood, Iron, Leather, Horn & Bone
Photo Frames in Metal, Wood, Horn and Bone Wall Decor Jewellery boxes. All in trendy styles and colours

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Home Furnishing

Including Cushions, Curtains, Bedspreads, Table Linen,
Rugs & Dhurries. In Cotton, Silk, Synthetics & Wool.
In Trendy Styles And Colours.

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Fashion Jewellery

In The Latest Designs & Colours.

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When it comes to choosing a company or service, it's important to consider what sets each option apart. At AR Overseas, we believe that our unique combination of experience, expertise, and dedication to customer satisfaction makes us the best choice for hiring us as a Buying Agency. Our team has many years of experience in industry, giving us a deep understanding of what our customers need and how to deliver it.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose us:

  • Cost savings: AR Overseas help businesses negotiate better prices with suppliers, resulting in significant cost savings. ARO also find suppliers that offer high-quality products at competitive prices, leading to long-term cost savings.
  • Time savings: AR Overseas manage the procurement process for their clients, freeing up their time to focus on other business activities. This is especially beneficial for businesses that do not have the resources to manage procurement internally. Even if they have we filter the basics and present them with much refined data.
  • Market knowledge: AR Overseas have extensive industry knowledge and can provide valuable market insights and recommendations to their clients. This helps businesses make informed purchasing decisions and identify new business opportunities.
  • Quality control: AR Overseas play a critical role in ensuring that purchased products meet the required quality standards. ARO inspect products at the manufacturing site, perform tests, and verify that suppliers have followed required production processes.
  • Logistics: AR Overseas have strong tie ups with various big suppliers who have logistics abilities both thru Air or SEA and have transportation and warehousing facilities, to ensure that your products are delivered on time and in good condition.

To sum up it can be seen as AR Overseas offer the following services:

  • A. Complete market research
  • B. A large network of suppliers, including small artisans and large factories.
  • C. A formula for supplier selection
  • D. Price negotiation
  • E. Quality control management
  • F. Strong Logistics Tie-ups by AIR/ SEA for shipping and customs clearance

Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we go above and beyond to ensure that every customer is happy with the service they receive from us, hence we believe that choosing AROVERSEAS as your buying agent will prove to be a valuable investment for you.